Our Concept - receive 3 wines every month.

We have a confession for you: We are FRENCH (nobody's perfect), but if there is one thing that a Frenchy doesn't laugh with, it is wines! We want to discover wines with you, we will therefore select wines that are ready to drink now, that have been tasted and liked independently. Our idea is to move away from selection by price, as we all do in a wine shop but dig for gems that are unknown in the Hong Kong market. We import our wines directly and as much as possible work with independent producers. The most important thing is that we meet your expectations, please take time to share thoughts, desires and feedback. It will only make us get better with age, exactly as wine does. If a wine happens to be faulty or corked, keep the bottle on the fridge and we will make sure to replace it. 

Our team:

My wine guy:  

This is our mystery guy, debating with us what to select, challenging our ideas and thinking out of the frame…

Maud: Wine Lover 

"Wine is not just a Man’s business, women too can succumb to its attractions"….

This is what my father told me many years ago while serving me a glass of Bordeaux. 
My family used to meet every week for Sunday lunch during which we would savour a bottle of wine from my father's enormous cellar. I would ask my mother what was on the menu, then follow our father down into his cellar while debating the best wine to accompany our meal.  It was our special moment. Then again, he had no son! 
That’s how I started learning about wine, and now, many years later, I am known to my friends as their "wine girl".
A cocktail, a beer? No thank you…but a glass of red wine while relaxing on a terrace? I'm in!  
Wine needs to be shared because in my opinion, to drink together is live together……… so come with me and let’s discover the unique journeys that a bottle of wine can take us on…

Caroline : Wine Expert - France best sommelier 2014

Elected by her peers as France’s Sommelier of the Year in 2014, Caroline Furstoss has worked with Le Meridien in Dubai and the Shangri-La in Paris, as well as multiple Michelin-starred restaurants across France. With her own business, Sommeliers Particulier, Furstoss sources bottles for My Wine Guy from lesser-known producers, styles, and regions, and provides thorough tasting notes and guides as well. 

Audoin: Burgundy born and raised 

Born in Macon and raised on a south Burgundy vineyard, I harvested grapes every autumn from age 8 to 18 and have been involved in the family business since then. My whole life has been wine-related. 
My work and life have given me the opportunity to live in various countries: the USA, Spain, Italy, Russia, and now Hong-Kong. 
I have come to appreciate the wonderful variety of fines wines from home, combine this with my ability to learn local languages and a keen interest in making new friends, it was natural for me to want to share the fine wine experience with others. 
From my home direct to yours, I tip my glass to you!