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Three months subscription. Free deliveries. 3-month renewable commitment.

1 box per month during your 3 months subscription, 3 bottles in each box, with 3 different wines.

A total of  2397 HKD for 3 bottles per month during 3 months that means 9 bottles over your 3 months.

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  Security policy

NS8 Protect


Free Delivery

You have two possibilities: 

- Choose the Sharing Box: Find the three wines we have selected for you. Taste them, share them as you wish. Use the information you will find on the discovery sheet: the vineyard, the winemaker, the food and wine pairings, the temperature, the bottle will have no more secrets for you.

- Choose the Mystery Box: your 3 varieties of wine under cover of secrecy. A discovery guided by our tasting survey, answer the questions discover our selection without a priori, then compare your analysis, confirm your impressions thanks to the wine sheet send by email. 

3 Months subscription
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